The new iPad is here

iPad Mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 is here, and is basically an iPad Mini 2.

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Last year, Apple updated the iPad Mini and we got a seriously good tablet. This year’s update was less than stellar because it’s exactly the same thing.


Besides its new gold color offering the iPad Mini 3 is nearly identical to the Mini 2. Actually, it looks surprisingly like an iPhone 6


The Mini 3 offers the same camera, screen and processor as the Mini 2.

So, it’s the same tablet in a different color?

Whats the deal?

iPad mini 3

Apple doesn’t want you to buy this product.

What it does want, is for you to buy an iPhone 6. You update your iPhone every few years, give or take, but do you update your tablet?  Most people would say no. Last week we saw Apple acknowledge that fact by barely updating its new iPad at all.

Think im joking?
Here’s the iPad Mini 3 on the left and the iPad Mini 2 on the right:

iPad mini 3 vs iPhone 6
Which would you buy?

For real.

The only real addition, is of course touch ID.  You can now use Apple’s fingerprint scanner instead of a password, increasing security. This is surprisingly helpful on a Mini in particular: you can read and unlock your tablet with one hand.

Pricing and Availability

The iPad Mini 3 starts at $400 for the Wi-Fi-only option at 16GB. $529 for the LTE version.

Apple iPad Keynote

The biggest upside is that the iPad Mini 2 just became a lot more affordable – and since it’s the same thing, you might as well pay less anyway.

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