Astronomers have put together a new photograph of deep space, showing the deepest and farthest glimpse ever of our Universe. Each speck in this photograph is a galaxy, and the closest ones are billions of light-years away

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The image is called XDF (eXtreme Deep Field) and was assembled from 10 years of Hubble imagery focused in on a single tiny spot in the sky. 

The full color XDF has about 5,500 galaxies in it, some that are estimated as being 13.2 billion years old. The area in the photograph is a small parcel of space in the constellation Fornax. Many of the galaxies appear to be young and growing, although the light from those events is just arriving at Earth now.

Amongst the small, young galaxies, there are spiral galaxies not unlike our own and large red splotches, which are galaxies in their golden years. 

Hubble was launched in 1990 and its planned successor, The James Webb Space Telescope will peer even further away into our universe using inferred technology.


To blow your mind even farther, here’s the XDF in comparison to our own night sky.

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