The Most Advanced Dry Erase Board Ever

M-11 Copyboard

Nothing says Office Presentation like a White Board.  They’re ubiquitous for those dreaded meetings: boring, dull, lame presentations no one will remember in an hour.  It’s like PowerPoint, but even less interactive.  Turns out, there’s an upgrade for the trust Dry Erase board, and it’s coming to an office near you.

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The M-11 Copyboard is a state of the art dry erase board, with tons of tricks up it’s sleeves. You can save anything drawn or written on the board to a USB thumb drive, which is built-in, meaning you can back up your notes and doodles made during the presentation, letting you save those flow carts to your computer for later.

It can also print out those doodles and charts onto paper, so you can pass them around during or after the meeting.

What the drawback?  The price tag.  The M-11 costs a whopping $1,700, which doesn’t include a printer – which you’ll need.  Is that a reasonable cost for the office of the future?

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