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The life code that will reshape the future

The life code that will reshape the future

We all know about Moore’s Law, but many of us don’t know about the trend dwarfing Moore’s Law and what it means for our lives, our future, our health and the Economy.  Juan Enriquez took to the stage at a TED Talk to explain what Life Code is and how genetics is changing the world.

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There is a lot of ground covered in this talk, as it weaves a detailed story about Technology and Science.  From covering the basics of Genomics and mapping our genome to how that related to what difference in the Gene-code means.  Enriquez presents the idea of ‘the New Zoo’ – species that are microscopic, are absolutely different from what we consider life, and what their Genomes mean for technology.

Many questions are asked during this talk, that could have been an entire book.  Will we use Bacteria instead of chips to power our Tech?  Can we resurrect extinct animals by tweaking Genomes?  How will the power of Genomic research alter Moore’s Law, Wealth and Economies.

Watch This.  You won’t be dissapointed.

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  1. […] It seems that we’ve finally gotten to the stage where we can utilize these tiny little machines to help save a life and while there are obvious (scary) scenarios where they end up taking over the world (i.e. Chriton’s – Prey, Ringo’s – Von Neumann’s War & even some Twilight Zone episodes), the potential that they offer is nothing short of miraculous. […]


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