The Irony in the Microsoft Surface Piano [VIDEO]


Experiments are fun.  repurposing tablets for different things is fun.  playing around is fun.  That’s probably why the Microsoft team in Germany thought it would be fun to make a piano out of 88 Surface RTs, each playing one single note.  Instead of fun, it’s just kind of ironic.

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A mere few months ago, Microsoft skewers the iPad for being a toy that people play on.  The commercial even had an iPad play chopsticks on a digital piano. The advertising was meant to say, the iPad is a toy, the busy multifunction Surface is for work.  But these Surface RTs don’t even play 2 notes.  Just one each.

The Surface RT may go down as one of the biggest disappointments for Microsoft recently, costing the company almost a billion in unsold tablets.  Irony at its most musical.

[Via YouTube]

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