HYDRA as you might (or might not) know are the shadowy ubervillians of the Marvel Universe that have been plaguing us throughout the Captain America series of films.  In Captain America: The Winter Soldier we actually learned that they had in fact infiltrated and subsumed SHIELD itself – the organization that had been initially created to fight and destroy them.  This betrayal was felt throughout the MCU and nowhere more than in Agents of Shield where we learned that some of our most beloved characters were actually HYDRA agents.

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I’m not sure if you’ve seen the most recent episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield – Aftershock … if not you can read the post on our partner site Zone6.

One thing that really jumped out at me though in that episode was how Coulson literally beheaded HYDRA with a not quite surgical strike on the leaders of the operation.  While some of the mechanics of how those leaders were trapped in the most recent episode are a bit suspect one comment that jumped out at me in the course of the episode was a mention by a SHIELD agent in passing that all Radio Shacks are all really a front for HYDRA.

Now considering what’s recently happened to Radio Shack:

Shield Hydra

I thought that this was extremely ironic.  I’d be very curious to know how long ago this sequence was actually filmed and also whether it was perhaps re-shot after this news was announced … while definitely not humorous to the staff that have lost their jobs because of this, it is quite funny that after SHIELD decapitates HYDRA, one of their technology partners is similarly axed!

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