Grey hair genes

Researchers analyzed DNA of over 6,300 civilians across five Latin American countries to identify the gene that affects the likelihood of producing grey hair. They named the gene, IRF4. Why, it really spins of the tongue, that one! IRF4 regulates melanin, the pigment responsible for hair, skin, and eye colour. The research seems to evince versions of this gene are accountable for producing grey hairs. 

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Stress, trauma, and anxiety are additional factors which result in grey hair. At the University College London statistical geneticist Kaustubh Adhikari stated this is the first mentionable discovery in grey-hair genetic research. Thus, researchers think it’s possible to discover a drug which affects the melanin-production in hair follicles. It will allow people to fight grey hair with less harm to their scalp and overall health.

Indifferent to the social implications of grey hair in modern society, Desmond Tobin, a hair follicle and pigmentation biologist at Britain’s University of Bradford, said, “I find it an interesting model to study aging in general”.

grey hair gene IRF4 interferon regulatory factor 4

If you are on the other side of that argument, and can’t wait for a legitimate answer to your problem, then know it’s on its way.

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