Along with the launch of the Apple Watch, so too has the Apple Watch App store launched.  We’re finally getting to see what creative tinkerers and developers think they can turn the Apple Watch into.  Just like apps found new uses for the iPhone and iPad that Apple had never even dreamed of, the same rings true of the Apple Watch.  The best first wave of apps for the your wrist are not all about notifications, and they’re certainly not just smaller iPhone apps.  To get an app right, developers create new experiences tailed to the postage-stamp sized screen.

Here, are some of our picks for the best apps that give your Apple Watch a completely new use.

Get Around


Instead of making the mistake of using a deep, specific search, the Watch apps for both Yelp and foursquare help you find a spot.  They guide you.

If you take transit, the app Transit will tell you what train or bus is coming and when.  On route, you can make reservations with OpenTable and if the place you’re heading to accepts Apple Pay, all the better.

Get Hands-Free.

A big feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to free up your hands.  If you’re at a Target or Kroger, for example, their dedicated apps out a shopping list right on your wrist.  Epicurious and Green Kitchen move recipes and timers on your arm to help you cook, and apps like Hole19 help you up your golf game.


Get Notified


The best way to get notified of something is to get it timely and make the information usable.  The Mint app for Apple watch keeps a watch on your budget, when you’re shopping, and feeds it right to your watch.  As soon as you over spend, you’ll know it.
Likewise, the MLB At Bat app sends you the latest game info, pitch by pitch.  If you have to miss the game, at least you’ll be up to date.


Get Living:


Apps like Philips Hue and Insteon can control a rooms lighting and more from the touch of the wrist.

The Apple Watch apps can go beyond picking TV.  You can control how much of what your kids are watching from the Nick Jr app.

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