The ATMOS Espresso Maker Brews Cold Drip Coffee in Four Simple Steps

Do-it-yourself espressos.


Not to be confused with Japan’s atmos, Australia’s Atmos Coffee is crowdfunding its eponymous espresso machine. The ATMOS aims to simplify cold drip espresso for armchair coffee enthusiasts.

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Crafted from stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the tiny ATMOS machine is not only clean, but sturdy. The contraption utilizes a pressure valve that does the work of filters, funnels, and so on. Instead of having to carefully prep the machine for your morning joe, just fill a bottle with water, tamp coffee into the center, secure an empty bottle and flip the ATMOS over. The result is five shots of cold drip espresso, good for up to five days.

With the option to drink the shots on their own or blend into your usual hot or cold brews, there’s a lot of functionality to be had. Check out the machine’s IndieGoGo page and decide for yourself if you’d like to contribute for your own ATMOS. In related news, check out Blue Bottle Coffee’s latest Tokyo outpost, designed by Schemata Architects.

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