That’s Yota2, not Yoda: eInk comes to Smartphones

Yota2 Smarhpone

Have you heard about the Yota2?  No, its got nothing to do with the new Star Wars film coming out later this year and your hoped for return of Yoda (although I have to admit that would be awesome … he was probably the only thing I enjoyed watching in the Star Wars prequels), nor does it have anything to do with a mass migration southward of a horde of abominable snowmen … (those are Yeti – get it?) … as while the winter has been typically horrible, it looks to finally be over and Ned Stark’s Winter is Coming speech will have to be pushed out for another year.

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The Yota2 is actually a cell phone (yeah I know, not the best of names) but the thing that jumped out at me isn’t the name, but rather what it can do … it’s rather innovative feature is that it’s an Android phone with an e-ink back.  Gizmodo had a good article on it that you should read,

but what does this mean for you and me?

The Yota2: a ‘One-Touch Experience’ on 2 screens
Well while I’m sure you use your phone to read books using a multitude of downloaded apps (Kindle and Play books being the most popular, but there are many, many more), I’m also guessing that you also have an eReader or larger tablet at home as its easier to read on that sort of device.  While larger tablets have the same problem with screen glare and reflection that our phones do, the larger size somewhat compensates for this and eReaders as I’m sure you’d agree are the next best thing to having a good old-fashioned paperback book in your hand.  Well, the reason that eReaders work (not to discount battery life) is the eInk technology.  Its simply easier to read in this medium.

eInk is coming to Smartphones

Yota2's eInk screen
Yota2’s eInk screen

The Yota2 sports 2 different screens.

Now while the Yota2 obviously will not replace the larger size of eReaders and tablets, the integration of an e-ink back plate could be quite significant.  It would negate having to make the choice between devices and would make the handset even more powerful.  With a limited launch run and a $600 price tag it could be a bit of an uphill battle, but I’d be very curious to see how it does overall.

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