Texas family names Apple’s FaceTime in suit over fatal crash

facetime application on apple ipad air facetime is a videotelephony and voice over ip voip software application developed by apple for ios and macintosh

A Texas mother and father, whose five-year-old daughter was killed by a car, is taking Apple to court.  The driver of the car involved in the fatal crash was allegedly using the tech company’s FaceTime video app.

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The lawsuit was filed last month in Santa Clara Superior Court, and names Apple directly for not implementing a feature to automatically disable FaceTime at high speeds.

Apple has yet to respond to the lawsuit, and also didn’t respond to an email seeking comment on the matter.

Moriah Modisette was killed Christmas Eve of 2014 near Dallas.  The lawsuit was obtained by California television station KTLA, alleges that Police found FaceTime running on the iPhone of the driver, whose car struck multiple members of the Modisette family at 105 km/h (65 mph)

The family goes on to claim that Apple was aware of the risks of using FaceTime while driving, citing a patent the cupertino-based company filed for “lock-out” technology back i 2008.

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  1. I see MANY, MANY people texting while driving and using their cellphones even though it’s against the law in many states. Some are even driving huge trucks. Just because you can afford these devices, don’t mean you have the right to used them to take other people lives. Now this FOOL will just continue doing this since they have already gotten away with it. Next time PERHAPS America will get lucky and it will be that person time to die from their own STUPID actions.

  2. Another “It’s not my fault” lawsuit !!! Who is the idiot that turned on FaceTime ? Who looked at the screen while driving 70 MPH.


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