Tesla’s Next Big Idea: Running Your Home on Batteries


On March 30th, Elon Musk set the Twitterverse, and subsequently investor-verse into a tizzy when he tweeted that he had a major new Tesla product line to unveil.  Since that tweet, everyone has been on edge, wondering what new product line Tesla could be getting themselves into.  Now we might have a partial answer.

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Bloomberg has reported that they have seen an email going to investors, suggesting the new product line would be large batteries.

This isn’t the first we have heard about Tesla producing extra-large batteries: in February Elon Musk let slip that Tesla was working on a battery that would be “for use in people’s houses or businesses”

Moving on from cars to homes makes a lot of sense for Tesla.  The biggest challenge to building a high-performance electric car has been the battery capacity issue.  To run smoothly, efficiently, and dependably, electric cars need batters that can do all those things for a long long time.  As many have pointed out, those features are extremely important for renewable energy as well.

If a home or school or business wanted to move off the grid to a renewable power source – solar panels, wind etc – that ability to keep power stored for (literally) a rainy (or cloudy) day is a huge part of the equation.  Huge batteries that can store extra power could make moving off grid more feasible.

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No specifications have come out about the battery yet, so we’ll all have to wait until April 30th to see what Elon Musk has cooked up this time.

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