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Tesla delays price increase in the UK by 2 weeks citing ‘exceptionally high demand ’

Tesla delays price increase in the UK by 2 weeks citing ‘exceptionally high demand ’

Just it like it announced a two-week grace period to order a new vehicle and still have access to the unlimited free Supercharging program, Tesla told UK customers that they still have two weeks to order a new car without having to face an important 5% price increase that was supposed to come with the new year.

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The company is citing “exceptionally high demand ” for the reason to extend the deadline.

Tesla wrote in an email to customers last month:

“We have just received some information that we need to share with you – due to currency fluctuations we will be increasing our UK prices for custom orders by 5% on 1 January 2017. Prices on showroom and pre-owned cars will remain fixed at current prices.”

Since the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, the pound has lost more than 15% of its value against the dollar and retailers selling imported products have had to adjust their pricing. Tesla is no different, but apparently, the company is willing to accept the difference for the next two weeks.

In a new email obtained by Bloomberg today, Tesla confirmed that the deadline has been pushed to January 15 just like the new Supercharger program:

“Due to exceptionally high demand at the end of the year, we’ve extended the order date by two weeks for customers who were unable to finalize their purchase” by Dec. 31, Tesla said.”

The UK briefly became Tesla’s biggest market in Europe – taking over Norway during the first half of 2016. The country had long been lagging behind several other markets for Tesla in Europe since the late introduction of the Model S and X because it’s a right-hand-drive market, but it has now become one of the top European markets for the automaker.

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