Saturday, June 5, 2021
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NASCAR tries to Ban Video of Crash

As fans and critics try to piece together what went wrong on Saturday's huge crash, video of the event has garner attention, with NASCAR...

Hacked Teddy Ruxpin Quotes Blade Runner

Sean Gallagher had a Teddy Ruxpin.  He decided to hack the Ruxpin with an Arduino unit.  Voila:  BearDuino, the creepiest hacked toy you've never...

Gesture Control and Holograms Come Together

Leap Motion's gesture control looks like the future.  Now if only it could control a hologram.  How cool would that be?  Well, that’s exactly...

Robocop Rebuilt for a New Generation

Robocop is coming back to the big screen next year, but you can get yor first glimpse of the reboot right now. /READ MORE// 'Avengers 3'...

An MMS Tale: There and 3G again [VIDEO]

Gizmodo's own Brent Rose put together a great video showing off the incredible journey an MMS message takes from phone to phone.  The process...

BBC Explains Physics with Amazing Animation

It's nice to read and see science and physics discoveries and they happen all the time. But...what on earth does a lot of that...

VIDEO: LG’s New 3D TV Ad Promises Gestures

LG's new ad spot for its Cinema 3D Smart TV promises a lot.  Voice recognition.  Gestures.  A photogenic family.  Mostly this ad promises the...

Lonliness in Our Connected World

It’s hard to imagine a world with out social networking right now, but really, it was never a normal happening until the invention of...

Assassin’s Creed IV – What To Look Forward To [Video]

It seems like only yesterday that we gamers were picking up our bows and tomahawks when Assassin’s Creed III made it to the shelves...

SpaceGlasses Promise Iron Man Augmented Reality

The promise of Augmented Reality never seems to go away, but also never seems to fully materialize.  Google Glass is a small step, but...

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