Sunday, June 6, 2021
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Hacked Teddy Ruxpin Quotes Blade Runner

Sean Gallagher had a Teddy Ruxpin.  He decided to hack the Ruxpin with an Arduino unit.  Voila:  BearDuino, the creepiest hacked toy you've never...

The Boba Fett Kubrick 400%

If you’re a Star Wars fan (or even if you’re not), you’ll probably want to get one of these (at least I do). This...

Orbotix rolls out next generation Sphero.

Sphero is a robotic sphere that you can drive around with your Smartphone device.  Its fun, its neat, its like a RC car, but...

British NewsPapers Gives Away Lego Racers

A good few week ago the daily mirror newspaper was giving away Lego racer cars each day, this was either collect at most tesco...

Sphero 2.0 – The Amazing Robotic Ball

The new version on the Sphero robotic ball is definitely a serious improvement with over twice the speed of the original, 3 times brighter,...

Minecraft Gifts ideas for the obsessed kids

If you are parent of an eight to twelve year old who happens to have access to a console and the internet, you will...

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