Saturday, July 11, 2020
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This is the World’s Cutest Frog

This is Breviceps Macrops, a frog native to a small area in South Africa and Namibia fronting along the coastline.  They spend their lives...

The life code that will reshape the future

We all know about Moore's Law, but many of us don't know about the trend dwarfing Moore's Law and what it means for our...

New Colourful Species of Crayfish Discovered in Indonesia

Nature has always managed to amaze us with its colourful displays, and a new species of crayfish is no different.  Crayfish are generally brown,...

Mexico’s Underwater River [GALLERY]

Behold an underwater river in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula! This river-like formation which is in a collapsed limestone cenote, is formed by a phenomenon known...

Old Kings and New Technologies

The skull of King Richard the Third has been found under a parking lot in Leicester, England.  Yes, we realize that this isn’t really...

Best of 2014 // #99: The Nose Knows

Our noses are amazing at picking out hundreds or thousands of different scents every day: our morning cup of coffee, bad eggs, rose petals,...

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