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Parts Suppliers Are Boycotting Russia’s Pistol-Shooting Android

Russia’s gun toting robot has hit a major snag: it’s scrambling for parts after foreign suppliers cut off sales, Defense One reports. /READ MORE// Boston Dynamics Latest Robot Creation...

The Turquoise Ice of Lake Biakal

Photography Alexsey Trofimov took this stunning shot of Lake Biakal in southern Russia.  Its a series of Ice Flows that capture the morning light...

Russian Social Network VKontakte Blacklisted

Russia’s leading online social network,  VKontakte, was briefly banned on Friday, May 24th, in which follows intensifying official pressure on the company as President...

This is the App Jihadists use

Berlin-based startup Telegram is about privacy and security.  It boasts two layers of encryption and is proud of its claim to be ‘more secure’ than rival Facebook’s WhatsApp.  Users can message friends and family privately, send files and images securely,… Continue Reading

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