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Review: LaCie Hard Disk Designed by Neil Poulton 1TB

What a looker! It looks sleek, sexy and speedy. My recommendation after using?  Well, it's been four months since I began this review, and...

Review // CyberBike For Wii

Today I had to help setup a cyberbike for the nintendo wii, so here’s my opinion on it. /READ MORE// Customizable LED Bike Wheels The bike seems...

This.Is.Review: OnePlus Two

In summer of last year, an unknown start-up based in Shenzhen, China saw a truly meteoric rise to the forefront of the consciousness of the tech world,...

Speedlink Torid

Okay, ignore the high school color scheme and hear me out.  The color isn't as bad as the name.  This has to be the...

Got bad Wifi at home? – Problem Solved

Had the same old Router for years, getting frustrated by poor Wifi signals unless you are actually in the same room as your broadband box? These...

Logitech F710

There are more than a few reasons than most third-party game pad developers have followed the design of the XBox model over the DualShock...

Is FreeView HD Any Good? Kinda

I now have freeview HD, just before christmas I decided to get a freeview HD box, I had looked around and I found the...

Mad Catz CTRLR

Mad Catz's vowel-less CTRLR is as much about quality as it is versatility.  Not only is it a great XBox-styled PC game controller, but...


Being the SciFi Buff that I am I thought I had to give this a try … I really, really did try … but...

Angry Birds Go!! – Review

Angry Birds GO!! is the latest offering from the Rovio stable, based on the much acclaimed angry birds franchise. No, this is not another physics...

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