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Best of 2018: Neanderthals Were Alot Like Us

There's an old idea that Neanderthals were big dumb primitive beings that had no spark of intelligence.  But that idea has been turned upside...

Best of 2012 // #82: A Banner Year for Citizen Science

Today, most of us have more computing energy on our laptops than ordinary researchers did 15 years ago. With strong instruments accessible for tracking...

Research finds Link Between Porn Watching And Less Grey Matter

Researchers at the Max Planck institute for Human Development has published a paper in the JAMA Psychiatry, which presented findings that suggested the hours spent...

Best of 2012 // #84: Facebook for Scientists

In 2009, Ijad Madisch launched ResearchGate, a social network for researchers, designed to bring scientific collaboration into the social media age.  It rapidly took...

Best of 2014 // #91: Gender Bias in Science

Gender bias and any imbalances therein are infecting and affecting science at every level; from lab personnel makeup to tissue samples used in experiments....

Best of 2011 // 97: Chronic Fatigue Mystery Deepens

In 2009, a controversial study published in the journal Science made a controversial claim: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, whose cause has long remained a mystery to...

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