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BEST OF 2015 // #76: Ending Neuropathic Pain

Most of us probably take it for granted that pain and discomfort — whether from a sport trauma, a kidney stone or appendicitis —...

Research finds Link Between Porn Watching And Less Grey Matter

Researchers at the Max Planck institute for Human Development has published a paper in the JAMA Psychiatry, which presented findings that suggested the hours spent...

The Best of 2013 // #94: The Science of the Itch

Scientists have been trying to figure out exactly why we get itchy for a long time.  Recent studies have shown that the feeling of...

Best of 2011 // 98: Brain Awareness in Patients

Main brain-damaged patients that are being written off as in a vegetative state are actually alert, despite being immobilized.  Recently, Doctors have started being...

NanoBots Rising: Is this the Dawn of the Machine Age?

Nanobots.  Tiny little robots running around fixing up wires, cars, and even the human body.  This really does sound like Science Fiction and something...

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