Monday, August 3, 2020
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This is how differently how men and women talk on Facebook

You can glean tons of information about a person based on what they post on The Facebooks. According to a study from the U...

Facebook Will Instantly Translate Your Posts into 44 Languages

Facebook will be providing its users with a new option to instantly translate their own posts into one of 44 different languages, allowing News Feed updates...

Emoji-only app; Probably Not a Good Idea

Taking inspiration from the one word messaging app, Yo, a new concept surfaces. What you’re looking at is the Emoji -only messaging app. It’s simple,...

Best of 2017 // #90: Smart Sign Language

'Talking' in American Sign Language takes a lot of dexterity from human hands.  Even the individual letters of the alphabet often take all five...

The Best Of The Web: WikiTravel

Wikitravel is a free, community driven  travel guide. It is based on the wiki model and attracts more than 300,000 writers and contributors. The...

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