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Best of 2018: GRACE Launches

On May 22, NASA launched the latest GRACE spacecraft: its something of a followup to the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment.  When in orbit,...

Best of 2018: ICESat-2 Launches

In September, NASA launched the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite 2 into orbit.  Using pulses from an onboard laser, ICESat-2 will spend it's...

Best of 2018: Unstable Antarctica

Even with all the concerns over a warming globe, scientists thought the eastern side of Antarctica was more or less stable.  That all changed...

Best of 2018: The Thwaites Glacier

The glaciers on the western edge of Antarctica have been melting at an accelerated rate since the mid-1990, the least stable of which is...

Best of 2018: Rising Rocks

As the Ice Melts in Antarctica, the bedrock below the ice has begun rising at a rate that is much faster than predicted. /READ MORE// Arctic...

Best of 2018: Hidden Ice World

When the Larsen C Ice Shelf collapsed back in 2017, it revealed a hidden world - an entire marine ecosystem that had evolved hidden...

Best of 2018: Marine Mammals Measure Melt

Fourteen seals, all wearing advanced sensors strapped to their bodies were sent out into Antarctica's hard to reach Amundsen Sea in an attempt to...