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BEST OF 2015 // #78: The First Dentist

Researchers discovered proof of the earliest known dental operation, and it is not bad per say. During an examination of the reduced molar of a skeleton that had been found in northern Italy, archeologist Stefano Benazzi, from the...

Best of 2012 // #87: The Eternal Struggle

About 100 million years ago, a wasp became ensnared in the webbing a spider.  The spider excited bore down on it's prey, but before...

Best of 2016 // #85: What Did Dinos Sound Like?

Sorry to burst the hollywood bubble:  Dinosaurs did not roar.  They simply we're made for it, anatomically speaking.  However, these great giants also didn't...

Best of 2016 // #86: Turning Earth To Soil

Life on Earth 440 million years ago was very different: a grey-hued landscape of rocks and sand and dust, pretty inhospitable to life as...

Best of 2016 // #87: Jewel from the Heavens

In early 2011 a mysterious find got seasoned meteorite hunter Birger Schmitz very excited.  The 3-inch object was not only a mysterious space rock,...

Best of 2017 // #89: Our Oldest Relative

Only seen through an electron microscope, Saccorhytus coronarius is a newly discovered, but oldest and most primitive deuterostome, a large branch in the animal...

Best of 2015 // #95: Running with Raptors

While Chris Pratt was running around and motorbiking a Jurassic World with suped-up Velociraptors, real-life palaeontologists were analyzing some unique fossilized tracks made by...

Best of 2017 // #97: The First Flower

Without any sort of preserved fossils or evidence for what it may have looked like, researchers who have been hunting for the first flowering...

The Best of 2015 // #99: The First Snake

Back in 2011 a field trip to a german museum yielded an unknown fossil. Publishing the findings in July, Paleobioloist David Martill identified the...

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