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Giant Canyon Discovered Under Greenland

It appears our well-travelled earth still has a few surprises left to give us.  A research team has announced it has found a massive...

Concept Sit Atop Waves, Eats Garbage

Our Planet's oceans are pretty messy.  Every time we throw garbage down the sink, it finds its way out to sea.  It is estimated...

Trump Just Withdrew the U.S. From the Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump is officially withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, following through with his campaign promise. The 2015 climate change agreement...

BEST OF 2015 // #86: Deforestation Rates Are Not Falling

The Rainforests have long been called the 'lungs' of our planet: they exhale life-giving oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide.  A study published in May...

Best of 2018: The Thwaites Glacier

The glaciers on the western edge of Antarctica have been melting at an accelerated rate since the mid-1990, the least stable of which is...

Best of 2018: Drones and Penguins

This Adélie penguin made it's way from it's colony on Antartica's tiny Brash Island to get a closer look at a drone researchers were...

Why You Need To Stop Buying Coffee Pods

This week, officials in the city of Hamburg, Germany made the decision to outright bad coffee pods from all municipal buildings, and it's been...

Best of 2018: Hidden Ice World

When the Larsen C Ice Shelf collapsed back in 2017, it revealed a hidden world - an entire marine ecosystem that had evolved hidden...

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