Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Scientists Are Using CRISPR To “Program” Living Cells

Scientists from the University of Washington have constructed digital logic gates in living cells. Though they're not the first to do so, the researchers'...

How CRISPR-Cas9 Works

CRISPR and Cas9 are words that excited many, but the idea can also be confusing.  DNA, RNA, what does that mean?  We got you...

Best of 2018: Is CRISPR Safe?

The much-hyped editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9 has already revolutionized the fields of genetics and medicine.  The technique, which entered the public eye around 5 years...

BEST OF 2014 // #85: Hunting HIV

HIV treatment has made great progress since the turn of the century, and thanks to something called HAART - Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy -...

Best of 2018: CRISPR CasRx

So far, CRISPR and CRISP-Cas9 have all been about editing DNA.  RNA, however, could also be used to treat many diseases, possible better.  Enter...

Best of 2016 // #83: CRISPR Edits Cells’ RNA

Despite the hype and future for gene editing, it's a risky business full of ethical dilemmas.  Researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of...

Best of 2018: CRISPR takes on Mammals

Gene Drives use genetic engineering to pass on specifically chosen genes to offspring.  It's controversial, because it could alter a species, or even wipe...

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