Thursday, August 13, 2020
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AI Can Identify Skin Cancer As Well As Doctors

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, originally made to identify cats and dogs, is now diagnosing cancer. /READ MORE// New Drug-Resistant Strain of Typhoid Spreading Using an existing Google...

The Best of 2013 // #85: Four-Stranded Human DNA

While describing the discovery of DNA, biologist James Watson and Francis Crick presented the image of a twisting pair of strands they called the...

Best of 2018: Is CRISPR Safe?

The much-hyped editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9 has already revolutionized the fields of genetics and medicine.  The technique, which entered the public eye around 5 years...

Best of 2017 // #85: Zika Kills Brain Cancer

Zika has prompted a global health emergency, but it turns out the virus may have a silver lining.  It turns out, Zika is an...

Starbucks Forced To Tell Customers It’s Coffee Could Cause Cancer

Late last month, a California Superior Court judge issues a ruling that is going to mess up your peaceful morning routine.  Coffee companies, like...

Best of 2011 // 95: HPV Vaccine for the Boys

Five years ago, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) made the controversial decision to endorse and recommend a vaccine for all girls to prevent...

The Best of 2013 // #97: Battle to the Cellular Death

Charles Darwin established the idea that evolution is a process of genes surviving on and spreading, in a survival of the literal fittest model....

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