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Best of 2018: The First Human Hybrid

In 2018, researchers attempted to decode the genome of a hominid, believed to be a teenage girl from 90,000 years ago.  The sample used...

Best of 2018: Neanderthals Were Alot Like Us

There's an old idea that Neanderthals were big dumb primitive beings that had no spark of intelligence.  But that idea has been turned upside...

Best of 2018: The Earliest Non-Human Tools

A practical treasure trove of stone age tools found in Attirampakkam, India, have been dated at 385,000 years, and are evidence that our species...

Best of 2018: The Earliest Hominins Outside of Africa

A singular site in Shangchen in Northern China has revealed almost 100 stone tools, which were made over a span of 800,000 years.  The...

Best of 2018: The Oldest Modern Finger In the Middle East

At over 85,000 years old, these bones are the oldest modern human fossils to be found in the Arabian Peninsula.  The find was announced...

Best of 2018: Our Expanding Family

Science is in agreement:  the earliest Hominids - our particular branch of the primate tree - evolved in Africa.  After that, however, things get...

Best of 2018: The Oldest Modern Human outside Africa

Announced in January's issue of Science, a partial jaw bone of a modern human was dated to between 177,000 years ago and 194,000 years ago.  That...

Best of 2018: In Utero Protein Therapy

For the first time ever, Doctors have been able to treat a genetic disease before birth. /READ MORE// Fetus Has DNA Sequenced People born with a...

Best of 2018: The Largest Family Tree

Computational Biologists have built the largest family tree ever constructed, jammed with over 13 million people over the course of 500 years. /READ MORE// It’s...

Best of 2018: Is CRISPR Safe?

The much-hyped editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9 has already revolutionized the fields of genetics and medicine.  The technique, which entered the public eye around 5 years...

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