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Best of 2012 // #78: Uranus has some rough weather

When Voyager 2 flew past Uranus in 1986, the seventh planet in our solar system appeared bleak, featureless and wrapped in blue-green clouds.  New...

Best of 2012 // #79: The Home of Spam

The United States used to be the leader in sending out spam email, but this year India overtook the lead as the world's home...

Best of 2012 // #80: Common Disease from Rare Genes

Ten thousand years ago, there were only 5 million people on Earth.  That's fewer than the current population of Singapore.  Since then, the population...

Best of 2012 // #82: Russian Mars Probe Fails at Liftoff

While the United States celebrated a milestone year of exploration of the Red Planet, Russian scientists lamented the loss of a $160 million probe...

Best of 2012 // #82: A Banner Year for Citizen Science

Today, most of us have more computing energy on our laptops than ordinary researchers did 15 years ago. With strong instruments accessible for tracking...

Best of 2012 // #83: Life Under the Sea

The Ocean floor is a hostile, inhospitable place.  Researchers revealed last May that bacteria live there under severe circumstances by entering a sort of...

Best of 2012 // #84: Facebook for Scientists

In 2009, Ijad Madisch launched ResearchGate, a social network for researchers, designed to bring scientific collaboration into the social media age.  It rapidly took...

Best of 2012 // #85: Testing The Edge of Our Planet

On March 27th of this year, beautiful streams of light spread across the night sky along the Eastern Seaboard.  They were visible from upstate...

Best of 2012 // #86: Whooping Cough is Back

In the first 10 months of 2012, US Doctors diagnosed over 34,000 cases of pertussis - better known as Whooping Cough.  That's 34 times...

Best of 2012 // #87: The Eternal Struggle

About 100 million years ago, a wasp became ensnared in the webbing a spider.  The spider excited bore down on it's prey, but before...

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