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Best of 2017 // #76: A Viking Funeral

Archeologists made an astonishing discovery at a small town along the northern end of a fjord in Iceland.  In June, researchers found six Viking...

BEST OF 2014 // #82: Topographical Maps reveal Viking City

A farmer's field, about 35 miles southwest of Copenhagen has attracted no attention for centuries.  When the Danish government created super precise maps in...

BEST OF 2014 // #83: The Bamboo Calculator

After cleaning a set of 21 ancient Chinese bamboo strips of mold, researchers were stunned to learn that the strips were not blank: they...

Best of 2017 // #83: Remains of a Roman Neighbourhood.

Sometime in the year 1 A.D., a fire razed a small neighbourhood in the Roman city of Vienne, about 20 miles south of Lyon. ...

Best of 2016 // #93: The BirthPlace of King Arthur ?

In July, archeologists began digging a 5-year excavation on England's southwest coast, and struck pay dirt almost immediately.  This site, at the medieval Tintagel...

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