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Get App and Go: A brief review of the “Runtastic” fitness...

Winter is wrapping up and if you’re anything like me, you put on a few pounds over the holidays…and then a few more for...

Aereo to hit Android this September?

In an interview with the International Business Times, Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia said his company would launch an app for android next...

The Poke Radar App Will Help You Beat ‘Pokemon Go’

It comes as no surprise that Pokemon Go is sitting at the No. 1 spot on the Apple App Store. What’s sitting at the No. 2...

What the hell is a Vine?: Short-form video takes over Twitter

If YouTube and twitter had a baby, it would be Vine.  The newest iOS app has been making its rounds on twitter and has...

This is the App Jihadists use


Berlin-based startup Telegram is about privacy and security.  It boasts two layers of encryption and is proud of its claim to be ‘more secure’ than rival Facebook’s WhatsApp.  Users can message friends and family privately, send files and images securely,… Continue Reading

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The Best Apps for the Apple Watch (so Far)

Along with the launch of the Apple Watch, so too has the Apple Watch App store launched.  We're finally getting to see what creative...

Simplii Financial Updates iOS app to V7.2.4

Simplii Banking, offshoot of CIBC, has updated it’s iOS app to version 7.2.4 to allow existing customers to view and apply for credit cards...

App Of The Day: GTA San Andreas

The final Grand Theft Auto game of the PS2 era has finally come to Android, and it’s still really big. GTA: San Andreas is...

Best of 2014 // #94: An App for Happy

Want to be happy? Lower your expectations. READ MORE // This is the App Jihadists use Researchers from the University College London created a mathematical formula that...

Emoji-only app; Probably Not a Good Idea

Taking inspiration from the one word messaging app, Yo, a new concept surfaces. What you’re looking at is the Emoji -only messaging app. It’s simple,...

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