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Best of 2018: Antarctica in 50 years

In 50 years, researchers have some interesting predictions for how Antarctica will fair. /READ MORE// Beautiful Video of All 59 US National Parks in 1 Minute By...

Best of 2018: Unstable Antarctica

Even with all the concerns over a warming globe, scientists thought the eastern side of Antarctica was more or less stable.  That all changed...

Best of 2018: The Thwaites Glacier

The glaciers on the western edge of Antarctica have been melting at an accelerated rate since the mid-1990, the least stable of which is...

Best of 2018: Drones and Penguins

This Adélie penguin made it's way from it's colony on Antartica's tiny Brash Island to get a closer look at a drone researchers were...

Best of 2018: Rising Rocks

As the Ice Melts in Antarctica, the bedrock below the ice has begun rising at a rate that is much faster than predicted. /READ MORE// Arctic...

Best of 2018: Hidden Ice World

When the Larsen C Ice Shelf collapsed back in 2017, it revealed a hidden world - an entire marine ecosystem that had evolved hidden...

Best of 2018: Marine Mammals Measure Melt

Fourteen seals, all wearing advanced sensors strapped to their bodies were sent out into Antarctica's hard to reach Amundsen Sea in an attempt to...

Best of 2018: Environment and Climate

There's still some space to change course on climate change, but the window grows smaller every day.  What we decide to do in the...