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Bionic Tortoise Has Lego Wheel For Leg

Lego is probably something that reminds me most of my childhood, making things and slowly destroying them too. This story however, will bring a...

New Monkey Species Discovered

A new primate has been discovered in Africa, marking only the second time in almost 3 decades such a discovery has been made. /READ MORE...

National Geographic’s Newest Photographers Are Robots

National Geographic photographers are a brave bunch.  They photograph Lion, Tiger and Bear from mere feet away, risking life and limb for that next...

BEST OF 2015 // #75: Genome Reveals clues to Cephalopod Smarts

Octopi come from a fairly humble branch of creature; other mollusks, including snails, slugs, clams and mussels, are fairly dimwitted animals.  Octopus, one the...

Best of 2016 // #75: Climate change claims its first species

An elusive rat-sized mouse made headlines in June, by becoming the first animal to become extinct at the hands of human-induced climate change. Only...

The Worlds Largest Tortoise Found In Amazon? Hoax.

World’s Largest Tortoise found in Amazon? Yeah right, and Facebook can tell the future. READ MORE // Deer is Saved by Awesome People Don’t get me...

BEST OF 2014 // #79: Flies Designed Next Gen Hearing Aids

Imagine a world where the next generation of hearing aids were designed with the help of a literal fly on the wall. Well, thats...

This is the World’s Cutest Frog

This is Breviceps Macrops, a frog native to a small area in South Africa and Namibia fronting along the coastline.  They spend their lives...

BEST OF 2014 // #80: The New Species of 2014

Some two million distinct animal species have previously been discovered by humans on the planet, but some estimates are more than one million more...

BEST OF 2015 // #79: Treating White Nose Syndrome

White Nose Syndrome is responsible for millions of bat deaths.  WNS, where a white mold converse the mouth and nose of bats leading to...

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