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Best of 2012 // #4: Fetus Has DNA Sequenced

For the first time ever, Scientists showed they could genetically sequence a fetus using blood and saliva from the Parents.  DNA sequencing for kids...

Microsoft preparing XBox Tablet?

Rumors have persisted for a while, but the Verge has gone ahead and reported that Microsoft is indeed building a gaming tablet. Word has...
samsung galaxy-note-4-concept

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 pre-order Open today, on sale on October 10

The newest member of Samsung's very popular and critically acclaimed Note family is almost ready for a public hands-on. Samsung has suddenly announced pre-orders...

Watch the Trailer for The Wind Rises

Finally, some of Studio Ghibli's finest films have come to BluRay.  This includes The Wind Rises, Hayao Miyazaki's final film based loosely on the life of Jiro...
fixstars 6tb SSD

Fixstars’ 6TB SSD: The Largest Small Storage To Date

Since the development of computers, it has always been the goal to continuously create smaller and more powerful units.  In the last 20 years,...