Friday, August 14, 2020
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Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera

Add an extra dimension to your home movies. The sleek MHS-FS3 takes gloriously detailed Full HD video clips and detail-packed stills in 3D. Just...

VIDEO: LG’s New 3D TV Ad Promises Gestures

LG's new ad spot for its Cinema 3D Smart TV promises a lot.  Voice recognition.  Gestures.  A photogenic family.  Mostly this ad promises the...

This Week in Geek: The Doctor in 3D?

Doctor Who news? You would think that by now, I of all people who bore of the amount of stuff coming out about the...

This Wild VR App Lets You Design 3D Models in Mid-Air

3D design and sculpting apps normally rely on motion controllers as input devices. But Gravity Sketch is now working on supporting hand tracking in...

New advanced VR Virtual tech gets sinful

At this year's CES a company known as Oculus VR released an advanced virtual reality headset for 3D games called the Oculus Rift. The...

Best of 2012 // #95: A 3D Map of the Universe

This year, Astronomers made some huge leaps towards understand where we are in the universe, mapping with unprecedented detail the three-dimension structure of the...

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