Theres an ever-growing body of research that suggests that Coffee may be good for your long-term health.  It can reduce your risk for type II disabuses, Parkinson’s,Alzheimer’s and possibly even Cancer.  Once recent study however, suggests it may also lower your risk of liver damage caused by over indulging in Alcohol.

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 The study was conducted by researchers out of the University of Southampton.  Technically, this isn’t a ‘study’ – rather researchers pooled results from nine other studies that recorded both the consumption of caffeine and the incidents of liver cirrhosis – scarring of the liver tissue.  In all, 4320,133 separate participants’ data was used in the study, across a large demographic.

Liver Damage or Cirrhosis is a killer, killing almost a million people globally every year.

It’s most famously associated with long-term heavy drinking, but can also be caused by Diabetes, Obesity, Hepatitis, and certain immune system disorders

This study (or meta-study) demonstrated a significant effect from consumption of caffeine: analysis shows that increasing coffee consumption by two cups daily cut the risk of Liver Cirrhosis of all causes in half.  It also cut the death rate from Cirrhosis in half. Even more impressive was the cumulative effect: four cups daily cut the risk of Cirrhosis by 65 percent.

Its hard to say what, exactly, is helping protect the Liver; coffee is a complex chemically-diverse drink.  It is also worth noting that, while the study was large, it was a study of studies: it may be skewed by variables or bias that are impossible to control over such a large sample size and time period.

[Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics via Reuters]

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