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Spirited Away was a brilliant, gorgeous, lush, award winning movie by Studio Ghibli.  Spirited Away might also be an extremely apt description for the new Ghibli experience available on Oculus.

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A cross over from the animated world to the virtual one has been long overdue, if only because there is no other cinematic world we’d love to walk around in more than Ghibli’s lush vibrant worlds.  Now, you can.

Scenes from three of Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved films – Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro – have been developed into VR experiences by Fire Panada, and can be downloaded right now.

Oculus Rift CV1 and Vive/Windows users can step into a scene from each movie: the semi-creepy boiler room from Spirited Away, the nostalgic meadow from Howl’s Moving Castle, and the bus stop from My Neighbor Totoro.  

Right now, the VR environments are just that – Environments.  You can’t (yet) interact with characters or the world.  However, as the VR, Tech, and Film industries begin to understand how to use VR, this could be giving us a peek into the films of the future.

Nick Pittom of Fire Panda developed the environments, but it’s still a little unclear if Studio Ghibli, or its American distributor Disney, is working with them on this project.

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