Scopely has updated it’s popular MMORPG Star Trek: Fleet Command to Version 9.1.0, in an effect to fix a series of bugs and introduce a new element to the game:  The Borg.

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In version 9.1.0, Scopely has introduced the Borg as a hostile force, giving players new options and quests to complete.  The update was also intended to fix several bugs that have been plaguing the game.

The Borg-based update, however, created more bugs for players who hadn’t update, creating a large backlash, especially on the community’s Discord site.

Beyond bug fixes, the update also allows player to turn on and off mission reminders, and the option to manually input the number of speedup tokens, instead of adding them one at a time.

The update is live for all players, and can be found by going to your device’s app store and updating the app. 

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