Sprite is an Ultraportable Drone in a Can


So, usually really great Drones simply aren’t portable.  They don’t fold up, you can’t put them in a backpack.  It’s madness!  Startup Sprite wants to change that with its new portable drone.

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The Sprite drone is durable, weather-resistant and stacks two rotors on top of each other, for a more compact design.  The drone measures a mere 13.2 inches long and 3.8 in in diameter.  Sprite also weights only 2.6 pounds.

Sprite Drone

The basic-level model Sprite contains a gimbal-stabilized HD camera for 1080p video and can get stills at 2304 x 1536 resolution.  It also comes with an onboard GPS and autopilot. The camera, while really good, can also be swapped out for a GoPro or other action camera.  The drawback to the basic model is a lack video-audio transmission for streaming live first-person shots, but you can install your own transmitter if need be.

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