Sprav Turns your Regular Shower into a Smart Shower

Sprav Water smart shower monitor

It’s a way we all waste water and energy:  warm that morning shower so we can step into a nice comfortable warm wake up.  The average shower can fire out almost two gallons of water per minute and depending on how long you spend in that shower, you could be running up that hydro bill pretty high and pretty quickly.  Sprav wants to fix this morning issue.

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Kickstarter project Sprav is a wireless meter that tracks water usage and energy consumption while you use the shower, and can give you feedback in realtime through LED lights.


The best part is that installation doesn’t even require any tools:  Sprav senses water use through the pipe and uses acoustic feedback to monitor the flow of water.  Clip it on to your shower head and go.  An accompanying app lets you keep an eye on the numbers and savings.

Sprav Water smart shower monitor Sprav Water smart shower monitor

You can find more information on their Kickstarter here.

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