Spam Arrest blocks out spam by requesting any unknown email senders enter letters displayed in a picture – a currently impossible task for automated spammers.

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This is how it works:

Bill sends Ted an email.  Bill’s email isn’t on Ted’s ‘known senders’ list.  Spam Arrest will email Bill asking him to prove that he is, in fact, a human.  It shows Bill a picture and Bill types in the letters embedded inside the picture, then submitting the image back to Spam Arrest.  Since it’s clear that Bill is now a human, Ted can now receive Bill’s email.

Bill only has to do this once to verify he is a person.

The best part of Spam Arrest is that you stop getting spam.  Brilliant.  The downside is that you will have to inconvenience your friends and family.  You also run the risk of missing an email from those friends who are confused, don’t care or can’t read.

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