Sony to unveil PS4 this month


Sony is widely expected to unveil the latest iteration of its PlayStation Gaming console on Feb 20th.  Sony has invited journalists and techies to an event in New York, but has remained mum on its specific plans, saying only it will “speak about the future PlayStation Business”. Get ready for PS4.

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With Microsoft expected to announce an XBox360 protégé sometime in June during the annual E3 conference, and Nintendo’s Wii U, launched late last fall, it seems like an odd time to launch a new console

Not so, say analysts, who signal the time as right for a pre-emptive launch in an attempt to gain the spotlight

PlayStation 3, the current model, went on sale an astonishing 6 years ago, in 2006.  While Xbox 360 launched a year prior, in 2005, sales have been more robust for the Microsoft platform, due to its online services and store, known as Xbox Live.  Nintendo’s Wii has remained the top-selling console, although sales of its new Wii U have been sluggish.

All three major console makers are desperately trying to position their devices as more than simply a game centre:  In the age of smartphones and tablets, the idea of ubiquitous home entertainment is become closer and closer to a reality.  Game Consoles are nice, but many smart retailers know the joy of a hacked Wii, or Xbox Media Center, which support Games, Movies, Pictures, even streaming TV.

Where will this leave the PS4?  What features can we expect?  While rumors still run rampant, there is little to no word on whether Sony will bring Gaming into its larger home entertainment ideas.

What features would you love to see in a new PlayStation?  Let us know is the comments below!

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