Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera

Sony Bloggie 3d

Add an extra dimension to your home movies. The sleek MHS-FS3 takes gloriously detailed Full HD video clips and detail-packed stills in 3D. Just point and shoot, then view your footage and photos in 3D on the LCD screen with no special glasses required. Dual f/2.8 autofocus lenses, image sensors and stereo microphones help you capture life in 3D but of course, you can also shoot and view in 2D too.

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A 2.4” 3D LCD allows you to enjoy 3D without having to wear special glasses.

Shoot Full HD video clips at up to 1920×1080/30p resolution on the MHS-FS3 and relive all those precious moments in brilliant colour and razor-sharp detail. You can also take crystal clear photos in 5.1 megapixel resolution, using the handy 4x Digital Zoom to get up close and personal with your subjects. Switch seamlessly between video and camera with a single touch using the separate ‘movie’ and ‘photo’ buttons – quick and easy so you’ll never miss a moment.


Brilliant filming, anywhere

Featuring a high sensitivity Exmor&Reg; CMOS Sensor, this Bloggie captures detail-packed images whatever and wherever you’re shooting. Definition is precise and detail clear whether you’re filming landscapes or close-up portraits.


Shoot in 2D or 3D, and see your memories come to life in high definition.

The large, high resolution 2.4” 3D LCD allows you to enjoy 3D movie clips and 3D photos without having to wear special glasses plus 2D video and stills too. Framing shots is easy and you can see exactly what you’re shooting, even in bright sunlight. There’s also a secondary 2” LCD screen for easy picture composition and viewing when shooting handheld self-portraits with the camera at arm’s length.

Sleek, slim and light

Bloggie has been designed for portability and the MHS-FS3 is no exception. Just 120g in weight and 17.3mm slim, it goes wherever you go. Slip it in and out of your pocket with ease and carry it around in the palm of your hand. Use Bloggie in landscape or portrait position – screen orientation flips automatically for comfortable viewing at any angle. The perfect travel companion that takes up next to no room but captures everything.

Stores all the action

With a large 8GB internal memory, the MHS-FS3 has enough space for up to 4 hours of high definition 2D video footage at 720/30p resolution or well over two thousand high resolution photos.

Upload and share you films in moments with the built-in USB arm.
Point, shoot, upload

Once you’ve captured your best shots, easily share them with friends and family using the flip out USB arm. Bookmark favourite photos and clips on screen while you’re shooting, then when you’re back home, connect the USB arm to a PC and upload in seconds to your favourite social networking site. The USB arm also charges the camera battery while connected via USB. Uploading is really quick and easy. Built-in Bloggie™ software does all the hard work for you.

Easily upload images and videos  in a couple of clicks. Sharing your 3D shots with friends and the world is simple. Upload them easily to sites such as YouTube™ 3D, slip on YouTube™ 3D glasses and watch in a whole new dimension. There’s an ever-growing community of 3D videographers on the web ready to help you get the best from this exciting new technology.

Face-to-face webchat

Connect the MHS-FS3 to your Windows PC and use as a webcam. Hold Bloggie horizontally and chat on Skype with friends and family (the built-in mic will be disabled so you’ll need a separate microphone). You can also stream 2D and 3D videos in real time over the Internet – a quick and easy way to share your memories with those back home.

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