SNK Will Release a Nintendo Switch-Exclusive Pack With a Swarm of Retro Titles

Part of its 40th-anniversary celebrations.


SNK is in the midst of celebrating its momentous 40th-anniversary milestone and has recently announced big plans that revolve around the Nintendo Switch console. Scheduled to hit the market later this fall is an assortment of retro game titles, sure to please old-school gamers far and wide. The gaming company dug deep into its archives, choosing to resurrect a swarm of early favorites, including Alpha Mission, Ikari Warriors, Athena, Guerrilla War and more.

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And, as earlier announced back in May, SNK is also gearing up to release the Neo Geo Mini — a micro-variation of the popular system that captured the imaginations of hardcore gamers throughout the early ‘90s — which will also come equipped with a choice selection of vintage titles. A selection of games from the aforementioned Switch-exclusive pack is already available for pre-order, while news of the Neo Geo Mini still remains somewhat cloudy.

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