SmartPlate Tracks Your Food So You Don’t Have To


Let’s say you are on your new diet.  It’s week 3 and you need some carbs in your life.  You make pasta, but don’t want to overdo it.  The box of pasta says how many cabs are in each serving, but unless you count out each noodle, there’s no way to really tell exactly how much you’re putting on your plate.  Enter the SmartPlate.

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A rough guess isn’t good enough, and scales, even smart scales, mean you have to weigh out each ingredient.  To get a more accurate and fast snapshot of what you’re eating, Fitly decided to put sensors and cameras into a plate and let that do the counting for you.

Fitly SmartPlate

In order to figure out what you’re eating, the plate is split into three different sections, each with tiny embedded cameras and weight sensors.  SmartPlate uses image recognition and the weights and compares that to the USDA’s 8,000 food item database, as well as a range of SKUs and some of the most popular restaurants.

Fitly SmartPlate

It’s so good, SmartPlate can tell the difference between whole-wheat and regular pasta.  This is dieting on easy mode.  If only there was an app for discipline.

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