Skype lets you Call Anyone Using Your Computer

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Skype is a free Internet telephony program, which means it can make telephone calls, on your computer.  Over long distances, across the Internet.  And all for Free.

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Here’s how to get calling, using Skype:  turn on your computer speakers, plug-in your microphone to your computer, download Skype, create an account and go.

You can download Skype for free on both Mac or PC.  Creating a Skype account is free but you’ll need a friend – or someone to receive your call – who also has Skype.  This is a game changer for paying for a landline telephone.

Skype works pretty well, most of the time on a fast Internet connection.  One reader even reported Skype working with a faint connection for his IM services.  ” I was stuck in LA with a dead cellphone and a poor wifi connection. Skype saved me.”

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