Simple Chart Explains Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Chart Explains Aperture Shutter and ISO
Chart Explains Aperture Shutter and ISO

If you’re new to photography, many of the features can be very confusing: What is ISO? How does Aperture change your photo?  Why should I care about Shutter Speed?  Thankfully, someone made a handy chart great for beginners and helpful to even the most seasoned veterans.

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The Chart is very helpful to understanding how Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO affect the photos you take,

however doesn’t go into great detail about WHY someone might choose to use a higher ISO or how speed of objects impact the focus, but it does explain the concepts of Motion Blur, Depth of Field and Noise quite well.

While the examples are all good enough, they are not hard and fast rules; your shooting environment, for example, can drastically affect the results of your shooting.  This chart is a great background, and really a very good way to get into the world of big fancy cameras.  Get out there and Start Shooting.

[New Mobile Life via Lifehack]

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