Sign Up for Spotify, Get a Free Chromecast Today

Spotify ChromeCast

This morning, Spotify announced that if you sign up right now for three months of its service, you’ll get a free Chromecast.  Sweet deal.

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Everyone who gets their hands on Google’s super-cheap, super-good streaming stick really loves it.  And everyone who tries Spotify loves it – hence why its become the leading on-demand streaming music service.

A Chromecast dongle usually retails for $35.  If you sign up for this deal, the three months of Spotify will cost you $29.97.  That’s basically like getting Spotify for free.

If you are already a Spotify member, you are out of luck on this deal, although it is pretty easy to sign up for a new account with a  new email.  You didn’t hear that from me.

The deal starts today and ends February 28th.

[via Spotify]

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