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Shazam For Wine: App Helps You Drink

Shazam For Wine: App Helps You Drink

Until now it’s been hard to find out if that pricey bottle of wine you’re eyeing in the restaurant is actually worth $80 a glass. Thanks to an app called Drync, your wine questioning days are over.

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The app refers to a database of 1.7 million different bottles of wine, and they can all be searched by name, type, even notes, and then purchase right from the app

Make the digital sommelier even handier is that you can find anything in the database by snapping a picture of the bottle.

It’s basically Shazam for Wine

The app tracks what wines you enjoy and over time gives you an idea of what wine you might like. It’s also handy for those restaurant bottles: look it up and see if it really costs what they’re charging.

It’ll help you save money and drink better wine. Win – Win.

[Via Drync]

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