Sharp’s Two-way TV Makes Everyone Happy

Sharp two-way screen

Sharp is showing off it’s new two-way LCD screens, which can show different images depending on which angle you are viewing the screen from.

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Sharp plans top use the tech in car navigations systems, letting the driver see a map, for example, which passengers can rest easy watching the FootBall game, or a DVD playing.  The biggest hurdle with two-way screens is when viewing them head on – they tend to display a combination of both images at once, meaning you have the view the screens at an angle for them to work properly.

The technology could be a real boon to parents on road trips to the cottage where kids fight over what to watch in the back seat – although you’d presumably need two separate DVD players and it’s unclear how it would work.  However, with summer coming up, the news no doubt has cottage-ready parents savouring the sounds of a silent road trip.

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