There are tons of Home Alarms, Smart Meters and loads of way to monitor your Smart Home.  Unfortunately, tying all your Internet of Things things has proved both difficult and not exactly aesthetically pleasing.  Enter Sentri, a smart, and beautiful home hub.

Sentri: Welcome to a Smarter Home

Sentri is a smart home monitoring and security solution, currently running its campaign on Kickstarter.  The small square device promises to give you insight into your home, tracking everything from your home’s security to temperature, humidity, even air quality and displaying all the info in one place.

Sentri wall

For the houses that already have dived into the internet of connected things, you can control and view them directly from the Sentri hub or its mobile app.

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The Changing Face of our Homes.

The Sentri device came from a desire to know more about the home we live in.  While everyone has to live somewhere, a real home is more than just four walls.  It’s really about the space and a big part of that is security and monitoring the home when at work or holiday.  Several home security systems offer multiple cameras and motion detectors, but in the digital age, false alerts are no longer acceptable for many people – A Temple University study into false home alerts estimated the number to be about 94% of all alarm trips).

Many systems are complex, low-tech, and cost the owner a monthly fee.  The Team at Sentri believe security should be smart, and simple:

“We know that in order for Sentri to be effective, it needs to first and foremost be simple…Simply plug in, power on, connect to your home’s WiFi network, and you’re ready to go.”

–  Hunter Luo, Lead Designer


The device is ready to go right out of the box with no professional installation needed, and you can check in on any alerts with Sentri’s built-in camera and app.

Beyond Security:

A Home is more than just worrying about break-ins.  As the Internet of Things has developed, Home monitoring has become about the environment you live in.  The Internet of Things is allowing companies like Sentri to take real-time data and power their devices to make them smarter and more informed.

Sentri comes with a built-in thermostat to keep an eye on your home’s temperature and notify you when it becomes too hot – like in the case of a fire – or too cold.

Sentri also has built-in humidity and air quality sensors, meaning you can keep a watch on your home in ways you can’t even see.  You can monitor stats for each room, or the whole house.

This is really the beginning of smart homes, and how devices can tap into our connected homes and appliances.  Sentri was designed to interact with all these other devices, such as Belkin switches and Nest devices.  Sentri can become a remote to monitor and control the other devices in a smart home, creating an exponentially smarter and more connected home.

While all this knowing the house was the first step, the team at Sentri went for a home that knows you: a home that can understand your daily and weekly habits and react to your lifestyle.  Designed as a hub for your home, Sentri acts as your home’s dashboard, a place to display your home’s vital signs.

Sentri learns:

As with other devices before it, Sentri learns from your behaviours and notifies your of any irregularities via a notifications.  In keeping with home security concerns, Sentri features an HD camera and motion detectors that can be viewed remotely, to keep an eye on your home. If Sentri notices an irregular entrance, or rise in temperature, an alert is immediately sent to all mobile devices so you can check in on your home.

sentry overview

Over time, Sentri learns your habits and adjusts its notifications accordingly.

“With Sentri, we wanted to build a truly smart device – one that continuously learned and could also grow with you and your home to deliver actionable information to you before you even realized you needed it…We hope that Sentri will not only be a smarter view into our homes, but also empower smarter decisions that result in more secure and energy-efficient homes.”

– Yen Tung, Co-founder & CEO

The first to weeks of campaign have seen Sentri raise over $250,000 from over 800 backers.  Backers of the project on kickstarted will gain special Beta privileges, and the device will pre-sale for $249.  The expected retail price is $349

Check out Sentri’s campaign on Kickstarter

[Sentri via Kickstarter]

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